Amy Nobles Piano


What age can begin taking piano?

Amy Nobles Piano Studio starts teaching children piano at age 6..  Hand strength is critical to play piano and it is not until age 6 that most students are developmentally ready.  It also gives the child time to develop his/her reading skills, which will be needed to do their lessons. 

How do I know if my child is ready to take piano or truly interested?

With young children, it is important that they continually inquire about lessons before investing the time and money.  A good indicator of a child’s musical desire can be gauged by how they ‘play.’  If they sing constantly, play on a piano or guitar at home, and are always inquiring, this is a very good indicator that they are ready for training.  If there is a musical toy in the toy box and they always choose that toy first, that is a great indicator as well.

And for the adults,  if you are the person who always regrets giving up on your lessons, we would LOVE to teach you too! It is never too late!

Do you engage in Guild competitions?


Are students required to play in recitals?

No.  We have two recitals, one at the end of each semester.  Recitals are held at Church at the Cross in Grapevine, TX.   Recitals are not required but encouraged, because it’s a great opportunity to share what we are learning which brings joy to the student and the listener.  The motto of the studio is, “Music is a gift from God that is meant to be enjoyed and shared.” Recitals are a chance to put that motto into practice.

Is tuition an all inclusive price?

Piano books are not included in the tuition price.   Your teacher will order books and bill you.

Are there any current review of Amy’s studio? 

Yes.  Please click here to check out the most recent reviews of Amy Nobles Piano. The studio has garnered multiple high ratings from students and their families.